Filling out this form will help us to better meet your landscaping needs.

How many hours would you ideally spend gardening weekly?
How many hours do you presently spend?
What are some of your favorite activities?
How many years do you plan on living in your house?
How many animal companions do you have?
Species? Indoor Outdoor
Do you have children?    Ages
Do you entertain often?
What are some of your favorite colors?
Do you have irrigation present?
How much time do you spend outdoors?
What do you like about your present landscape?
What do you dislike about your present landscape?
What best describes your ideal landscape? (choose from below)
  1. Formal: balanced, structure incorporating geometric form and shape.
  2. Semi-formal: incorporating more loose form, yet still has strong directional definition.
  3. Natural: intimate, structured loosely by environment, appearance of natural clusters of plants.
Please number in order of priority the following factors that you would like to see incorporated into your new landscape. Using each number only once.
 Energy conservation
 Attraction to wildlife
 Year round color and interest
 Easy maintenance
 Unusual plantings
 Curb appeal
 Flawless turf
 Low pesticide usage
 Smell and edibility
List your favorite plants .
The information submitted in this form is used to aid in our design process, and is not shared with any other party.


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